JARHEAD (Soundtrack) Music by Thomas NEWMAN (2005)

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JARHEAD (Soundtrack) Music by Thomas NEWMAN (2005)

Audio CD (December 6, 2005) Label: DECCA UP (mp3@192vbr)

Ann Atkinson (Performer), Bruce Morgenthaler (Performer), Christian Kollgaard (Performer), David Stone [bass] (Performer), Don Ferrone (Performer), Frances Liu Wu (Performer), Ian Walker (Performer), Kenneth A. Wild (Performer), Nico Carmine Abondolo (Performer), Norman Ludwin (Performer), Oscar Hidalgo (Performer), Peter Doubrovsky (Performer), Richard Feves (Performer), Timothy Eckert (Performer), Armen Ksajikian (Performer), Christina Soule (Performer), Dan Smith [cello] (Performer), Dane Little (Performer), Earl Madison (Performer), Erika Duke Kirkpatrick (Performer), Kevan Torfeh (Performer), Larry Corbett (Performer), Rowena Hammill (Performer), Stephen Erdody (Performer), Suzie Katayama (Performer), Todd Hemmenway (Performer), Vahe Hayrikyan (Performer), Steve Tavaglione (Performer), Marc Bolan (Composer), Berry / Perren, Freddie / Brown, Vincent / Gist, Gordy (Composer), Bobby McFerrin (Composer), Thomas Newman (Composer), H. / Sadler, E. / Shocklee, K. / Ridenhour, C. Shocklee (Composer), Tom Waits (Composer), Thomas Newman (Conductor), Michael Fisher (Performer), Bill Bernstein (Performer), George Doering (Performer), Aaron Oltman (Performer), Andrew Duckles (Performer), Brian Dembow (Performer), Carrie Holzman-Little (Performer), Dan Neufeld (Performer), Danny Seidenberg (Performer), Denyse Buffum (Performer), Donald McInnes (Performer), Harry Shirinian (Performer)

The music mixes modern atmospheric quasi-rock touches with Middle Eastern influences

01. Welcome To The Suck
02. Raining Oil
03. Battery Run
04. Mirage Bedouin
05. Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
06. No Standard Solution
07. 8 Men 5 Camels
08. Full Chemical Gear
09. Unsick Most Ricky-Tick
10. Morning Glory
11. Bang A Gong (Get It On) - T-Rex
12. Desert Storm
13. Desert Sunrise
14. Zoomies
15. Horse
16. Pink Mist
17. Jarhead For Life - Naughty By Nature
18. O.P.P. - Naughty By Nature
19. Dickskinner
20. Permission To Fire
21. Dead Anyway
22. Scuds
23. Listen Up - Public Enemy
24. Fight The Power - Public Enemy
25. Soldier's Things - Tom Waits

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