Jeffology: A Guitar Chronicle [1995]

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Jeffology: A Guitar Chronicle [1995]

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Jeffology: A Guitar Chronicle is a tribute to Jeff Beck, one of the greatest blues/rock guitar players in rock history, and features Gregg Bissonette, Bruce Bouillet, Vivian Campbell, Phil Collen, Warren DeMartini, Tony Franklin, Paul Gilbert, Jake E. Lee, Steve Lukather, George Lynch, Mick Mars and more! Only five of the eleven songs are instrumental ("Led Boots" with Campbell, "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" with Collen, "Head For Backstage Pass" with Bouillet, "Rice Pudding" with Lee, and "Behind The Veil" with Lukather), a bit odd since Beck was more noted for his instrumentals, and didn't sing himself for the most part. However a fine collection of tracks in honor of the legendary, influential English guitarist.

Jeffology: A Guitar Chronicle [1995]


05 - Walter Trout "Blues Deluxe" 05:22
01 - Warren DeMartini "New Ways Train Train" 05:35
02 - Vivian Campbell "Led Boots" 04:02
03 - Paul Gilbert "Heart Full Of Soul" 02:49
04 - Phil Collen "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" 06:04
06 - Bruce Bouillet "Head For Backstage Pass" 05:11
07 - George Lynch "People Get Ready" 03:11
08 - Jake E. Lee "Rice Pudding" 06:15
09 - Stevie Salas "Shapes Of Things" 04:14
10 - Steve Lukather "Behind The Wall" 04:31
11 - Mick Mars "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" 03:36

And there's this one in the archive: Amir Derakh "Goin' Down"

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