Jia Daqun - Fusion II: Concerto for Chinese Percussion

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Jia Daqun - Fusion II: Concerto for Chinese Percussion

Jia Daqun - Fusion II: Concerto for Chinese Percussion (2007)
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Jia Daqun was born in Chongqing in August 1955. He is widely recognized as"one of the most gifted younger composers among those who immersed themselves in structuralism."(Frank Kouwenhoven: 'The Age of Pluralism, Mainland China's New Music (3).' Since 2000, Jia has been a member of Yoyo Ma's Silkroad Ensemble as one of their Composers in Residence. Jia's Fusion II, descibed by the composer as a 'concerto for Chinese Percussion and orchestra" is written in a broadly contemporary idiom - reminiscent of both Varese and Messiaen. While not self-consciously "Chinese," the ethnic instrumentation injects an unexpected jolt of color into this modernist score.

From the Publisher:
Repertory of Chinese Contemporary Composers

"The history of Chinese orchestral music dates back a little more than 80 years. There are many valuable musical works that have appeared in different historical periods, and Chinese music composition has gradually formed a distinctive notational style. Since the 1980s, there has been considerable progress in Chinese music, and the composers have created a number of distinctive and colorful masterpieces, which in turn have further influenced the development of Chinese orchestral music. In order to reflect the achievements and development of contemporary Chinese music, the People's Music Publishing House has decided to publish The Repertory of Chinese Contemporary Composers.

The Repertoiry will publish outstanding works by contemporary Chinese composers, representative of various generes of orchestral music. All of these works have been performed in concerts at home and abroad to great acclaim. Each of these publications will try to present the most representative works and successful explorations from among the many grand musical compositions that have been oproduced. We sincerely hope that this project of our national culture and society will provide evidence of the creativity and vitality of Chinese orchestral music and earn it the support and appreciation that it deserves."

PLEASE NOTE: Each of these CDs feature only ONE musical composition and are NOT necessarily a FULL LENGTH CD. Total timings appear following the track listing.

Jia Daqun - Fusion II: Concerto for Chinese Percussion
01. I - Quarter Note = 40
02. II - Quarter Note = 80

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