Jim Hall - Jazz Impressions of Japan (1976) [Remastered 1993]

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Jim Hall - Jazz Impressions of Japan (1976) [Remastered 1993]

Jim Hall - Jazz Impressions of Japan (1976) [Remastered 1993]
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Genre ~ Cool, Post-Bop | Label ~ King Records

Recorded a few days after his 1976 Live in Tokyo LP, Jim Hall is once again joined by bassist Don Thompson and drummer Terry Clarke for a studio session which sticks strictly to original compositions. "Light," credited to all three musicians, is a very intricate bop line which demonstrates how well they interact with one another. Hall revisits two older works, the always creative blues "Careful" (easily his best-known song), and the mellow waltz "Young One, for Debra," written for his daughter, which features the guitarist in a duo with Thompson on piano. Thompson wrote the pretty ballad "Two Special People" and remains on piano for this duet with the leader. The final track, "Something for Now," is a typically soft-spoken but very lyrical Hall composition played as a solo. Unfortunately, this record has never been issued outside of Japan and has yet to appear on CD. Though it may be somewhat expensive when located, this Jim Hall LP is well-worth the investment. ~ AllMusic

1.Light 6:53
2.Careful 6:18
3.Kyoto Bells 8:33
4.Without Words 2:26
5.Echo 6:41
6.Young One, For Debra 5:56
7.Two Special People 3:00
8.Something for Now 2:33


Guitar - Jim Hall
Bass, Piano - Don Thompson
Drums - Terry Clarke

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Jim Hall - Jazz Impressions of Japan (1976) [Remastered 1993]

Jim Hall - Jazz Impressions of Japan (1976) [Remastered 1993]

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