John Barry - Eternal Echoes

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John Barry - Eternal Echoes

John Barry - Eternal Echoes
Instrumental | mp3 | 320kbps | 99.8MB
Decca (2001)

01) Eternal Echoes
02) Returning Home
03) Crazy Dog
04) Slow Day
05) Fred & Cyd
06) Blessed Illusion
07) Lullabying
08) Winning
09) Get Over It
10) First Steps
11) Elegy

Eternal Echoes is John Barry's follow-up to The Beyondness of Things, an original solo album of independent material not connected to any film. From the spare, monochrome artwork it is clear this will be a reflective collection, and the composer describes the 11 pieces as comprising "an album of sounds, of places and of objects that have always existed and always will exist. They are without beginning or end. They are infinite in our past and future."