John COPRARIO (c1575-1626) - Consort Musicke - Savall/Coin/Casademunt

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John COPRARIO (c1575-1626) - Consort Musicke - Savall/Coin/Casademunt

John COPRARIO (c1575-1626)- Consort Musicke
Jordi Savall - Christophe Coin - Sergi Casademunt
Recorded at Bärschwil Church, Switzerland, august 1979

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John COPRARIO (c1575-1626)- Consort Musicke
Fantazies of III. parts for viols & Dances for three lyras

During his lifetime John Coprario, alias John Cooper, gained the distinction of being the favorite composer of King Charles I. The rhythmic wit and charm found in Coprario's music is rarely to be seen in other composers of this period, nor does one find any parallel among Jacobean fantasia composers for Coprario's flair for harmonic and melodic unorthodoxies.

1. Fantasie IX
2. Fantasie VII
3. Almaine V
4. Fantasie I
5. Fantasie VIII
6. Almaine IV
7. Fantasie III
8. Coranto
9. Almaine II
10. Fantasie V
11. Fantasie II
12. Almaine I
13. Fantasie VI
14. Fantasie IV
15. Almaine III
16. Fantasie X


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