JOHN ENTWISTLE - Whistle Rymes

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JOHN ENTWISTLE - Whistle Rymes : MP3 : 36MB

Let set things straigh: this is the best studio recording solo cd John Entwistle ever produced. It has the best production, the best songs and also the best musicians around (Peter Frampton and the Strawbs Rod Coombes among others).
From the first song to the last one in the original cd, this recordings are the best Who cd the band never recorded. He was on top form as a writer, as a musician and as a singer!!! His first solo cd "Smash your head against the Wall" gave him the confidence to record this one and it delivers. This album was almost ignored by the press, radio and fans (simply because it was under promoted), and John fell down again, but very soon he tried again with his third one "Rigor Mortis" (a Rock & Roll album), and later on with his not so good "Mad Dog".
It is obvious that as a song writer he went downhill because he lost his faith in himself, until he came back with "Too Late the Hero". John Entwistle (and also Keith Moon), had the bad luck of bein in a super band with a genious writer like Pete Townshend is. All his life he tried to be recognized as a great song writer and searched for a hit single on his own or with the Who. Spread the word among Who fans for late recognition. Songs like "Aprong Strings", "Who Cares" and "Nightmares" are instand classics.

1. Ten Little Friends
2. Apron Strings
3. I Feel Better
4. Thinkin’ It Over
5. Who Cares?
6. I Wonder
7. I Was Just Being Friendly
8. The Window Shopper
9. I Found Out
10. Nightmare (Please Wake Me Up)