John Lawton & Steve Dunning 2002 Steppin' It Up mp3 192VBR / EAC image

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John Lawton & Steve Dunning 2002 Steppin' It Up mp3 192VBR / EAC image

John Lawton & Steve Dunning 2002 Steppin' It Up

Year: 2002 | Label: Classic Rock Productions | mp3 192VBR 62.3 MB / EAC image 383 MB
Genre: Rock | Styles: Classic Rock, Hard Rock

What we started out as an idea for an acoustic set, purely for a fans 'get together', has become this album.
Both Steve and I wanted to present certain 'known songs' in a slightly different way and we think that we have achieved this. For us it was fun. But a lot of it is down to the quality of the songs and the professional attitude of those who helped it happen!!
With love to my wife Iris, for taking care of life. – John Lawton

Track listing:

01 Still Payin' My Dues 4.28 Lawton/Pabst
02 Feelings 4.57 Hensley
03 Burning Ships 5.09 Lawton/Hesslein/Horns
04 Firefly/Come Back To Me 6.16 Kerslake/Hensley
05 Wise Man 3.52 Hensley
06 I'm Alive 4.58 Lawton
07 Rain 5.59 Hensley
08 Don't Kill The Fire 5.04 Lawton
09 Tonight 4.50 Lawton
10 Been Hurt 5.32 Hensley
11 Shoulder To Cry On 6.28 Dunning
12 One More Night 4.47 Hensley


John Lawton - all vocals, harmonica
Steve Dunning - all acoustic and electric guitar, bass
Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep) - all keyboards
Richmond Stockwell - drums/percussion
Steve Simmons (Karnataka) - saxophone
Erol Sora -electric guitar, backing vocals
Graham 'Zoot' Hulme - backing vocals

Recorded and mixed at: Mill Hill Music & Studio Complex, London, February/March 2002
Engineers: Greg rochford & Cam Blackwood
Produced by John Lawton & Steve Dunning


mp3 192VBR 62.3 MB
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Part 2

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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