John Lawton Band - 2003 - Sting In The Tale

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01 Take You High (Steve Dunning)
02 Give It Up (Leon Lawson / John Lawton)
03 Written On The Wall (Erol Sora)
04 Reach Out (John Lawton)
05 Firing Line (Steve Dunning)
06 Lately (John Lawton)
07 I'll Be Here (John Lawton)
08 King Con (Steve Dunning)
09 Tracks Of Time (John Lawton)
10 Angels They Cry (Erol Sora)
11 Slamming It Down (Steve Dunning)
12 Dog House (Benji Reid / Robert Taylor)

John Lawton vocals, acoustic guitar
Steve Dunning bass, guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Erol Sora guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Leon Lawson keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Benji 'The Beast' Reid drums, percussion
Guest musicians:
Dave White - guitar on track 4 "Reach Out"
Tony Cavaye - harmonica on track 12 "Dog House"

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Mill Hill Studio complex, London, UK, March/April 2003



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