John Williams - Hook OST

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John Williams - Hook OST

John Williams - Hook OST
MP3 160 Kbps | 1991 | Label: Epic | 75:22 min | 88 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

John Williams' score for "Hook" has been given much critical acclaim. Some music connoisseurs believe it to be one of the greatest such scores ever written for a fantasy film in movie history, mainly for its complex use of themes and leitmotifs which clearly overshadows the overall cinematic execution and critical success of the film. Some also believe it to be the archetype for all fantasy genre scores to succeed "Hook", even ones that were also composed by John Williams (including, but certainly not limited to the 2004 Peter Pan, the Harry Potter scores, Pirates of the Caribbean and countless others).

1. Prologue
2. We Don't Wanna Grow Up*
3. Banning Back Home
4. Granny Wendy
5. Hook-Napped
6. The Arrival of Tink and the Flight to Neverland
7. Presenting the Hook
8. From Mermaids to Lost Boys
9. The Lost Boy Chase
10. Smee's Plan
11. The Banquet
12. The Never-Feast
13. Remembering Childhood
14. You are the Pan
15. When You're Alone*
16. The Ultimate War
17. Farewell Neverland

Tracks 2 and 15: *Music composed by John Williams/lyrics written by Leslie Bricusse. "When You're Alone" was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song in 1992.

Hook OST

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