John Zorn - Encomia (2019) {Tzadik TZ 8366}

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John Zorn - Encomia (2019) {Tzadik TZ 8366}

John Zorn - Encomia (2019) {Tzadik TZ 8366}
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Classical / Modern Classical / Avant-Garde / Solo Piano

Featuring the fabulous virtuoso pianist Stephen Gosling, "Encomia" is a collection of tributes to many of Zorn's musical heroes.The first "Book of Preludes" consists of three impressionistic pieces in the tradition of Debussy and Ravel that pay tribute to the legendary ballet dancer Nijinsky, the author Novalis creator of the prose poem, and the Hellenistic 3rd century poet Nossis. "Encomia" is a suite of tributes to five of Zorn’smusical heroes that run the gamut of styles from minimalism to maximalism. Violinist Chris Otto joins Stephen Gosling for the final piece, a new composition for violin and piano inspired by the writings of Sigmund Freud. A remarkable program of some of the most beautiful music Zorn has ever written. INFO

Stephen Gosling: Piano
Chris Otto: Violin (tr 9 only)

Works on This Recording

Preludes: Book One

1. Novalis
2. A Prayer For Nossis
3. Nijinsky
Encomia: Five Short Pieces For Solo Piano
4. Speculum
5. Penumbra
6. Stretta
7. Occultation
8. Arborescence
9. Die Traumdeutung




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