Joe Sample - Ashes To Ashes (1990)

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Joe Sample - Ashes To Ashes (1990)

Joe Sample - Ashes To Ashes (1990)
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Joe Sample - Ashes To Ashes (1990)

1. Ashes To Ashes
2. The Road Less Traveled
3. Mother's Eyes
4. Last Child
5. Born In Trouble
6. Strike Two
7. I'll Love You
8. Born To Be Bad
9. Phoenix]

Joe Sample - Ashes To Ashes (1990)

No other words to me can describe the music found on this CD. Joe Sample is the "MELODY MAN" of the Crusaders and some of their prettiest tunes he's responsible for (check out "It Happens Everyday"). To me Joe made three albums in the late '80's/early '90's that are simply beautiful and this is one of them (the other two, "Spellbound" and "Invitation"). Every track on here will stay with you after you play this CD, from the first song/ title track ("Ashes to Ashes") to the final cut, which is my personal favorite, "Phoenix." Jazz doesn't get any better than this and no one plays the piano like Joe. A BEAUTIFUL ALBUM.
Reviewer: L. Kelsey (Amazon)


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