Grandes éxitos de Juan Luis Guerra y 4:40

Posted By: wendingo

Juan Luis Guerra is one (if not the best) singer of this kind of tropical music. The instrumental works for every song deserve an applause and a bravo. I think this album comprises most of his best songs.
Awarded in many different southamerican countries, the lyrics of his songs are really a master piece. The chorus, los 4:40 make a wonderful work in supporting enjoyable songs. Special attention deserves Visa para un Sueño (roughly translated: visa for a dream : aka U.S.A.), Guavaberry, a simple song of joy and leisure for someone "drinking my guavaberry, watching the sun go down..", and I hope your girls (boys) took Spanish in High School, because Como abeja al panal must be one of the most romantic songs I have ever heard in Spanish though it may look not.
Some other great songs I hope i will be able to upload in the near future are 'Estrellitas y Duendes' and 'Reina Mía', if you have a P2P program give them a try; I'm sure you won't regret.

For the ones whit lots of sun in their hearts and like dancing to conquest a girl or a boy, ladies and gentlemen whit no further adue: Juan Luis Guerra y los 4:40

Grandes éxitos de Juan Luis Guerra y los 4:40

1. El costo de la vida
2. Rosalía
3. Woman de El Callao
4. Visa para un sueño
5. Burbujas de amor
6. Ojalá que llueva café
7. Me enamoro de ella
8. Frío frío
9. Como abeja al panal
10. A pedir su mano
11. La bilirrubina
12. Carta de amor
13. Bachata rosa
14. Guavaberry
15. La cosquillita