Kamal - Mystery Road [2000]

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Kamal - Mystery Road
2000 | NEW AGE | VBR-MP3 | 80.6Mb

Mystery Road celebrates the colors of life, like a rainbow of sound. Kamal cuts across all continents for his inspiration on this album: pulsing synth sounds, percussion, flute, and layered vocals draw inspiration from native rhythms and the modern culture of the information age.
Travelling through Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia, movies, the Internet, TV, friends, teachers, Gurus, madmen and women: it’s all like the mysterious weaving of countless roads that merge inside of me. Something resonates, and is expressed in sound: a journey on the 'Mystery Road'!

1. African Papillon
2. Shakuhaji Tales [Native Mix]
3. Call of the Muezzin
4. Those Flying Days
5. Ripples
6. More Tales of Bululu [Dao Mix]
7. Rhythm of Life [Paco's Mix]
8. Pictures from Spain
9. While You Are Here.......
10. Echos and Voices

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