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Kari Rueslatten - 5 albums (1995-2005)

Posted By: Eld
Kari Rueslatten - 5 albums (1995-2005)

Kari Rueslâtten - 5 albums (1995-2005)


«Demo Recordings» – 1995 - MP3 160 kbps | 60.46 MB
«Spindelsinn» – 1997 - MP3 320 kbps/EAC-APE | 86.09 MB/99.95 MB+94.73 MB
«Mesmerized» – 1998 - MP3 192 kbps | 57.38 MB
«Pilot» – 2002 - MP3 192 kbps | 61.24 MB
«Other People's Stories» – 2005 - MP3 256 kbps | 79.22 MB

Kari Rueslåtten (born October 3, 1973 in Norway) is a solo singer, who has also worked with other artists.

She possesses a unique voice which can be described as expressive and delicate and classy. She was the first full-time female singer in the wave of doom metal bands.

After taking part of some local bands, joined the cult Doom Metal band The 3rd and the Mortal And released the EP Sorrow in 1993 and the full length album Tears Laid in Earth in 1994 through the record label Voices of Wonder. The music was strongly atmospheric mixing Progressive and Metal elements. She left the band to join the project Storm and recorded Nordavind and her first solo release Demo Recordings, both being Nordic-folk-music styled.

Spindelsinn, her first official solo album came out in 1997 through Sony Norway. Sung entirely in the Norwegian language making honor to the folk style shown before. She was also nominated as best vocal artist in the Norweguian Grammy Awards as best female artist at the Norweguian Hit-Awards. The Following year the second release Mesmerised came out. A mellower album, with more personal lyrics in which she left the folk-acoustic style in favor of exploring more modern sounds. The singing style reminds in some parts to Tori Amos mixed with her own style.

She became tired of relying on producers to get the sounds she wanted for her songs so she decided to study production and went to London, England for a couple of years. After joining the Swedish label GMR Music Group Kari released a come back album, the experimental Pilot which contains a lot of modern sounds. You can notice some reminiscence to Björk, but with more passionate feel which has always characterized Kari's music. In January 2005, Other People's Stories was issued, showing a simpler side of her music but without losing the modern feel, quality and passion in her performance.

Rueslåtten has also been featured in a handful of drum 'n' bass tracks by Norwegian duo Rawthang. (Wikipedia)

Download (rapidshare.de):

"Demo Recordings" – 1995

"Spindelsinn" – 1997 (MP3)
"Spindelsinn" – 1997 (APE)_Part1
"Spindelsinn" – 1997 (APE)_Part2

"Mesmerized" – 1998

"Pilot" – 2002

"Other People's Stories" – 2005

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