Karunesh - Global Village (2006)

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Karunesh - Global Village (2006)

Karunesh - Global Village (2006)
9 MP3 Tracks @ VBR ~ 192 Kbps

Calls it traffic jam tonic, ambient capsule, emotionally enriching new age or simply easy listening... for fans of Karunesh, its music for life. Truly, his earlier works (Secrets of Life, Global Spirit, Nirvana Cafe, etc) are packed in classic timelessness. So is 'Global Village' the most recent album from the master composer-arranger.

Track list
1. Prayer Of Joy
2. Orient Express
3. Earth Spirit
4. Helele Ma
5. Transformation
6. Arabian Nights
7. Beyond Heaven (Remix)
8. Om Namo
9. Krishna's Song

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