Ketama, Diabate, Thompson : Songhai (1988)

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Ketama, Diabate, Thompson : Songhai (1988)

Ketama, Toumani Diabate, Danny Thompson : Songhai (1988)
Flamenco-Fusion (Spain, Mali, UK)
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…the fruit of the incredible ease with which flamenco can absorb and merge will all kinds of music. It is indispensable as proof that flamenco evolves and doesn't have any frontiers…

Ketama, Diabate, Thompson : Songhai (1988)

A chance meeting at a London house party led to this melodious collaboration between Mali kora virtuoso Diabate and the young, flamenco-based Spanish group Ketama. While Diabate's dazzling runs often give the impression of several instruments being played at once, Ketama is a group with the focus of a single mind. Together, their music drifts up and down the African continent, ranging from the relatively relaxed, repetitious groove-oriented music of West Africa to the occasionally blistering, speed-clapping, and Islam-tinged sound of Iberia. British double bassist Danny Thompson is a model of understated support throughout. Mali vocalists join the group on the anthemic "Mani Mani Kuru" and the quiet "Africa," while Ketama becomes downright sentimental for "A Mia Tia Maria."

Ketama, Diabate, Thompson : Songhai (1988)

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