Keith Jarrett - Expectations

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Keith Jarrett - Expectations

Keith Jarrett - Expectations

Label: Columbia | Genre: Jazz | MP3 320 Kbps | 173 Mb | Release 1971


Keith Jarrett (piano, electric organ, soprano sax, tambourine, percussion, arranger), Dewey Redman (tenor sax, percussion), Sam Brown (electric guitar), Charlie Haden (accousic bass), Paul Motian (drums), Airto Moreira (drums, percussion), strings and brasses added.

This was the first real indication to the world that Keith Jarrett was an ambitious, multi-talented threat to be reckoned with, an explosion of polystylistic music that sprawled over two LPs (now squeezed onto a single CD). Using his classic quartet (Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian) as a base, Jarrett occasionally adds the biting rock-edged electric guitar of Sam Brown and always-intriguing percussionist Airto Moreira, and indulges in some pleasant string and brass arrangements of his own, along with some grinding organ smears and acceptable soprano sax. Jarrett again turns his early rampant eclecticism loose – from earthy gospel-tinged soul-jazz to the freewheeling atonal avant-garde – yet this time he does it with an exuberance and expansiveness that puts his previous solo work in the shade. "Common Mama" is an outstanding spicy Latin workout with brass punctuations.
On "Roussillion", the band finally lets things go as Jarrett and Redman both play frenetic discordant solos on top of a tribal beat. The string section returns for the title track, which shows the soft melodic style that one associates with Jarrett’s Koln albums…

With the absence of Redman and Brown as well, "Expectations" really brings out the subtle romantic playing of the traditional rhythm section lineup. Sam Brown returns for both "Take Me Back", which could easily made it somewhere on Exile on Main Street, and "The Circular Letter", which goes the other way as it could easily be found on a Pharoah Sanders/McCoy Tyner album.

If these songs are not enough to not only cover the breadth of the music spectrum as well as be audibly enjoyable, Expectations is a 2 CD set. The second disk has the epic "Nomads", that runs 17+ minutes and makes excursions into both free and fusion. As always, Moreira, Motian and Haden maintain the most ambitious of rhythms. Throughout the album, you can also hear the diversity of Jarrett’s talents as he plays the organ, soprano saxophone, and tambourine.

Track listing:

01 Common Mama (8:10)
02 The Magician In You (6:53)
03 Roussillion (5:22)
04 Expectations (4:24)
05 Take Me Back (9:30)
06 The Circular Letter (For J.K.) (5:03)
07 Nomads (17:20)
08 Sundance (4:26)
09 Bring Back The Time When (If) (9:50)
10 There Is A Road (God's River) (5:30)

Keith Jarrett - Expectations