Keith Jarrett - The Judgement (El Juicio)

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Keith Jarrett - The Judgement (El Juicio)

Keith Jarrett - The Judgement (El Juicio)

Keith Jarrett - The Judgement (El Juicio)

Label: Rhino Atlantic | Genre: Jazz | MP3 320 Kbps | 89 Mb | Release 1976


Keith Jarrett, piano, soprano saxophone, flute, percussion; Dewey Redman, tenor saxophone, percussion; Charlie Haden, bass, percussion; Paul Motian, drums, percussion

El Juicio is an excellent early Jarrett album and finds him in typically eclectic form with his classic American quartet. I nominate the opener, "Gypsy Moth," as the best piece on the record. Sounding a little like a more confident version of "Lisbon Stomp," from Jarrett's 1967 debut album Life Between the Exit Signs, Jarrett first whips up a rollicking theme on the piano and then switches to soprano sax towards the end, the rhythm section swinging hard throughout. "Toll Road" is more abstract, but the collapsing cymbal pattern paired with Charlie Hayden's pummeling bass lines creates an intriguing canvass for Jarrrett and Redman's sax improvisations. "Pre-Judgement Atmosphere" is a short percussion piece that manages to incorporate a steel drum into the mix. The title track is an ecstatic ten-minute free-improv wherein Jarrett pounds out and wails away (if you don't like Jarrett's wordless yelps, a living evidence that it is possible to get used to them, eventually).

Melodic fragments are continually spun out and just as quickly squashed, and the whole band burns with a smoldering energy. "Piece for Ornette (Long Version)" is a tribute to the free jazz pioneer (and significant influence) Ornette Coleman. It's good, if a little too understated; Redman really shines on it, though. Jarrett has a sense of humor about it, as the following track is the twelve-second "Piece for Ornette (Short Version). "Pardon My Rags" is a short tribute to ragtime-era piano and if you want to hear it you'll have to buy the European release of this album — the Collectables reissue left this track off to accommodate all of Life Between the Exit Signs on the same disc.

The absence of "Pardon My Rags" notwithstanding, the pairing of these two excellent titles on the Collectables reissue make this release a no-brainer in terms what to recommend a Jarrett neophyte looking for a place to start.
Mat P. review.

Track listing:

1 Gypsy Moth 8:18

2 Toll Road 5:44

3 Pardon My Rags 2:43

4 Pre-Judgement Atmosphere 2:35

5 El Juicio 10:22

6 Piece for Ornette (L.V.) 9:16

7 Piece for Ornette (S.V.) 0:12

Keith Jarrett - The Judgement (El Juicio)