Kevin Kern: In the Enchanted Garden (1996) [ape]

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Kevin Kern: In the Enchanted Garden (1996) [ape]

FULL Discography of Kevin Kern in lossless Monkey Audio format

Kevin Kern: In the Enchanted Garden (1996) [ape]

Kevin Kern - In the Enchanted Garden | 1996
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Genre: New Age, Easy listening | Piano music

NOTE: Kevin Kern's albums were earlier posted on Avax by Pete_A and autumn (and probably they are still available), however the quality was only 192-256 kbps. For those of you who prefer to have pure sound, with this post I'm starting to share my collection of music by Kevin Kern including his full discography in lossless format (8 albums) and as a bonus 2CD set of his "Asia Concert" (VBR ~192-256kbps).
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KEVIN KERN has become synonymous with beautiful and relaxing music. His recordings and concerts have established him as both a gifted composer and a brilliant performer.

With the release of his latest CD, Imagination's Light , Kevin returns to his roots, inviting his listeners to enter his special world where melodies take shape in response to his life-long connection to the piano.

As a child, Kern discovered his musical voice in his parents' darkened living room, which was illuminated only by the glow of a roaring fire. As the flames danced and the logs crackled in the fireplace, Kevin would immerse himself in both the instrument and the space, in an effort to clear his mind and allow his creativity to express itself, unencumbered by the confusion of a visual world. To this day, Kevin still draws upon the memory of that darkened living room with its magical firelight to provide him with the canvas upon which he paints his exquisite images for the listener.

"All my life, I have drawn inspiration from the joy of sitting and playing a piano in a darkened room. There is something remarkably pure and uncomplicated about a world consisting of nothing but sound and sensation.When we turn out the lights in the studio, I begin to feel that undiluted creative energy that has been such a part of my life from the beginning."

It is in this special atmosphere that Kevin's compositional gift takes form. Imagination's Light is a collection of ten original compositions, augmented by a stunning reinterpretation of Sting’s "Fields of Gold." The album begins with "Remembering the Light," which sets the tone for the recording as it draws the listener into Kevin's fire lit creative world. For this CD, Kevin is joined by Bassist Terry Miller and Guitarist Mike Miller, each of whom make their own exceptional contributions to the music.

"I feel that I have put together the perfect team for making records," Kern says.

As with all of Kern's recordings, Imagination's Light continues the tradition of solo improvisations that have become his signature, including "Keepers of the Flame," which was based on a Gregorian Chant Kevin remembered from his early childhood.


Born in Detroit, Kevin Kern began playing piano at the tender age of 18 months. Though legally blind since birth, his exceptional talent soon became clear. His earliest musical influence was jazz legend George Shearing, whom he met as a child. With George as a mentor, Kevin developed an early love of improvisation and an appreciation for the beautiful sound a piano could produce. In addition to Shearing’s contribution, he received an extensive classical education. From these experiences, Kevin developed his trademark sound where melodies exude lyricism, simplicity, and a directness that touches the heart of the listener.

In 1993, a chance encounter with Terence Yallop, President of Real Music began a collaboration, which, has resulted in seven albums of original music and one collection of Kevin’s most popular songs thus far.

Beginning with his phenomenally successful debut album, In the Enchanted Garden, in 1996, which appeared on the Billboard charts for 26 weeks, Kevin has developed his own unique musical voice. At the center of this style, is a process that has come to be known as "sound-painting."

"Though my vision lacks the crisp detail that others may have, I have learned to describe what I see through my music", says Kevin. "It is something that has always come naturally to me, and I’ve done it all my life. Whether describing a baseball game to my father when I was a child or playing a night filled with stars (as on The Winding Path), it’s all part of that special relationship I feel with the piano."
Kevin’s follow-up CD, Beyond the Sundial, featured pieces for legendary oboist Paul McCandless of the group Oregon. "I had admired Paul’s work for well over twenty years. Getting the chance to write music specifically for the greatest oboist in the world was a singular thrill that I will never forget."

1998’s release, Summer Daydreams, showed Kevin’s cinematic side. "Le Jardin" and "Return to Love" gave us the achingly beautiful violin of Jeremy Cohen and the haunting clarinet of Louis Baez. These songs, which were used in the popular Korean drama series, "Autumn in My Heart" (Gaeul Donghwa), introduced Kevin to Asian audiences, where his popularity continues to grow.

In My Life, Kevin’s fourth CD, is like a musical scrapbook of fond childhood memories. The Beatles classic that became the title track was dedicated to Kern’s oldest brother, Bill, with whom he learned the music of the Fab Four as a child. The ballad, which symbolizes the bond one has between family and friends, is the signature element of his live shows.

In 2001, Kern released Embracing the Wind, displaying an ever-widening musical palette. The opening track, "Blossom on the Wind," was inspired by the sound of Tibetan singing bowls, a sound Kevin had never heard before. "From This Day Forward," was a wedding present from Kevin to his wife, Pam, and was used as part of their wedding on Maui in 2001.

A compilation of Kevin's most popular pieces from his first five recordings, More Than Words - The Best of Kevin Kern, soon followed. It included two bonus tracks, an orchestrated version of "Out of the Darkness, Into the Light" written in response to the September 11th tragedy, and "Children at Play", inspired by the innocent laughter of neighborhood children that he could hear while standing at his studio window.

Kevin's sixth CD, The Winding Path continued his exploration of new musical possibilities. With the addition of fellow Real Music Artists, Pamela and Randy Copus of the group 2002, and the subtle percussion of David Earl, Kevin added yet more colors to his trademark piano sound. The Winding Path made its debut in June 2003, and spent 15 consecutive weeks on the Billboard charts, peaking at number 6.
Kevin’s music has appeared in film and television both in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to the Korean drama series, "Autumn in My Heart" (Gaeul Donghwa), his music has been heard as part of the "2000 Summer Olympics," "Live! With Regis and Kathy Lee" (and Kelly, too!), "Oprah," NPR, PBS, and in commercials for Mitsubishi and Blue Shield of California, among others.

Kevin Kern is a Steinway artist.
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Graceful, articulate piano songs, suffused with heart. These intimate, poetic melodies unfold tenderly, thoughtfully… some with a light layer of strings and touch of acoustic guitar, others speaking directly, without embellishment.

Pure, beautiful, emotionally rich piano in a very special debut album from Real Music.

1. Through the Arbor
2. Sundial Dreams
3. Enchanted Garden
4. Butterfly
5. Straw Hats
6. Another Realm
7. Water Lillies
8. Fairy Wings
9. Paper Clouds
10. After the Rain

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