Keziah Jones - African Space Craft 1995 - 192 Kbps [Genre: Blufunk]

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Keziah Jones
If you think you've heard the last of violent upheal and a changing world order so far in the 90's, then prepare for a revolution in formula-ridden music consciousness and get ready for the gritty defiant and raw brilliance of Keziah Jones.
A 21 year old singer-songwriter from Nigeria, he describes his music as "Blufunk" - a ferociously original cocktail of raw blues and acoustic hard funk, developed whilst busking in the streets of London and Paris.

Back track...

Sent to an English Public School at the tender age of 8 by his father, a tribal chief and wealthy industrialist, Jones was being groomed for a business career in the Third World through the First World's finest education system.

Young Keziah however had other ideas. He taught himself to write and play, bashing out tunes on the old school piano when nobody was around.

"I had to find a way out of all that bullshit, and music was it!"

After scraping through exams he went against his father's wishes and family tradition even more, by going A.W.O.L., bunking off school and trying out his songs in the streets, clubs and London Underground, avoiding the police - and his own relatives!

"Lose all time, love your mind, free your soul!"

To the centre of this particular stage, London's Covent Garden, strutted the uncrowned King of swagger and busker's funk, Keziah - who quickly put the whole thing to music... building up a large following wherever he played.

Fast Forward...

Discovered by his manager Phil Pickett around this time in Portobello Road W11, he went on to play in clubs and halls through the UK, developing his sound along the way with the addition of Ritchie Stevens on drums, and Soul on bass. Richie is now replaced by with a world class drummer called Mako Sakamoto who is from Japan.

"Backed only by bass guitar and drums, Jones and his music made remarkable initial impact. Split second timing and muscular playing created the illusion of a far bigger band." David Toop, The Times, 1 February 1991.

Over the last year his sensual and provocative music has been causing a sensation wherever he has played, and his status and following as an artist grow with each performance.

So, if you're tired of homogenised and predictable music and hunger for something more - prepare to be satisfied.

For both as a new recording artist, and a unique live performer...