The Kinks - Misfits (1978)

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The Kinks - Misfits (1978)

The Kinks - Misfits (1978)
Genre: Rock | MP3 320 kbps | 129 MB | 55,32 min.| Covers
Label: Velvel Records / Recorded July 1977 - January 1978 / 14 Tracks

After twenty-odd albums, either you follow the Kinks or you don't. If you don't ("Gently pity those you can't persuade," as Jonathan Swift put it), it's unlikely you'll acquire the habit with Misfits, especially since none of the songs sounds like an immediate hit single. But if you do, this LP can make you cry. Not because Misfits is a bad record—on the contrary, it's the Kinks' best since, at the very least, 1974's underrated Preservation Act 2. No, what makes it heart-rending is its candor bordering on cruelty. And both the victim and the victor are Ray Davies. more ..


01. Misfits
02. Hay Fever
03. Black Messiah
04. A Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy
05. In A Foreign Land
06. Permanent Waves
07. Live Life
08. Out Of The Wardrobe
09. Trust Your Heart
10. Get Up
11. Black Messiah (Single Remix)
12. Father Christmas (Bonus)
13. A Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy (US Single Edit)
14. Live Life (US Single Mix)