Knorkator - Hasenchartbreaker, Mercury, 1999 y.

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Knorkator - Hasenchartbreaker, Mercury, 1999 y.

Knorkator - Hasenchartbreaker, Mercury, 1999 y.
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Styles: Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Electronic, Pop.

Knorkator is a German band from Berlin that combines Heavy Metal with non-serious and comical elements. They proclaim themselves to be "Germany's most band in the world" (German: "Deutschlands meiste Band der Welt"), as the title "The best band in the world" was already taken by Die Ärzte. The band was founded in 1994, but only played live gigs in the Berlin / Brandenburg area until 1998.
Knorkator gained further fame (and some notoriety) in 2000 with their performance of "Ick wer zun Schwein" (sic; literally - berlin dialect "I'm turning into a pig") in the German national qualification for the Eurovision song contest. Knorkator's wild stage shows and explicit lyrics, as well as the fact that nearly half of the vocalist's body is tattooed black, have earned them a reputation as a chaotic comedy band; however, the band's music actually shows considerable technical and artistic merit that is sometimes overlooked.
Most of Knorkator's lyrics are in German; however, some songs also feature English (Beating around the bush, Ma Baker etc.), Thai (Mai khao djai, Khid tyng baan), Latin (Aeger sum) or French (Ma belle fêmme) lyrics.

Культовый в Германии коллектив с самой сомнительной, дурной и притягательной репутацией, которую не завоюешь "тривиальным" скандалом в СМИ (хотя и с этим проблем нет), будучи у всех на виду, KNORKATOR, тем не менее, - группа-загадка. Три персонажа: акробат-вокалист Штумпен (Stumpen), мучитель клавишных и сочинитель Альф Атор (Alf Ator) и мрачный гитарист Базз Ди (Buzz Dee). Буйство, "злость" и… всегда какой-то подвох, нечто совершенно несообразное, ни с чем не совместимое и заставляющее тело сотрясаться от глубокого, утробного хохота.

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Knorkator - Hasenchartbreaker, Mercury, 1999 г.

01 Hardcore. 03:49
02 Symbol. 04:09
03 Ich bin ein ganz besond'rer Mann. 04:12
04 Schlupfer. 03:45
05 Das Lied. 03:55
06 Die Narrenkappe. 04:10
07 With a little help from my friends. 03:26
08 Highway to Hell. 03:58
09 Alles ist Scheiue. 03:58
10 Geh zu ihr. 03:36
11 Wenn mir einer was will. 02:09
12 Weg nach unten. 03:08
13 A. 02:50
14 Weihnachtsschimpfe. 04:43

Stumpen (vocal)
Alf Ator (composition, keyboards)
Buzz Dee (guitar)

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