Mark Lanegan - Field Songs (2001)

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Mark Lanegan - Field Songs (2001)

Mark Lanegan - Field Songs (2001)
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Mark Lanegan is of course best known for his years as the vocalist for the Screaming Trees. He has also been building a following for the last ten years with a number of remarkable solo records that highlight his love for singer/songwriters, and American folk and blues.
Field Songs, his fifth album, continues in that vein with a collection of mournful, keening songs of love and loss.
Lanegan uses his dark husky voice to good effect, especially on standout tracks One Way Street and Don't Forget Me, usually backed by the simplest of acoustic guitars with a few unidentifiable grungy noises or some subtle organ to add atmosphere.
All in all, every track is solid and worthy of numerous spins.

1. One Way Street
2. No Easy Action
3. Miracle
4. Pill Hill Serenade
5. Don't Forget Me
6. Kimiko's Dream House
7. Resurrection Song
8. Field Song
9. Low
10. Blues For D
11. She Done Too Much
12. Fix

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