LaRissa Vienna And The Strange - Neptune VII (2017)

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LaRissa Vienna And The Strange - Neptune VII (2017)

LaRissa Vienna And The Strange - Neptune VII (2017)
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Alternative Rock | Country: USA (Denver, CO) | Label: LaRissa Vienna and the Strange

Influenced by David Bowie, Marilyn Manson and Shirley Temple (with a tattoo on her shoulder to match), LaRissa Vienna is a force to be reckoned with. Her somber ghostly rock tunes will entrance you and leave chills down your spine. The melodic, story-telling guitar mixes perfectly with the melancholy tones of her voice. The bass stays loyal to the hard-hitting drums.

Despite the soothing rock tones, LaRissa Vienna’s live show is nothing short of energetic. Standing 4 feet 11 inches tall, her fiery energy demands the attention of every soul in the audience.

Starting out as a solo artist in 2008, LaRissa Vienna made her mark on the Denver music scene by writing and producing her own music, which she dubs “spooky rock.” Coming off of the local success of her 2015 and 2016 EPs, “Strange Siren” and “Make the Pain Pretty” respectively, and having had accumulated over 100,000 views on her “Underwater” music video within just a month of its release, Vienna is set to release her debut album, entitled “Neptune VII,” in September 2017.

There’s a definite camaraderie on the project, which finds her further honing her craft and establishing herself as a versatile artist within the rock realm, navigating the genre with grace and authority. Centering at its core around reconnecting with your inner child, the album’s lyrical content tackles the subject of facing the inevitable changes that come with growing older. Never shying away from autobiographical honesty, what results is arguably Vienna’s most personal project to date, embracing change and heartbreak as a natural course of life.

"The Strange" is Nick Workman - the lead guitarist with wild hair who has experience in every style. Aaron Mendoza on bass, influenced by The Cure and Coheed and Cambria, has experience in experimental bands and plays perfectly with the compelling drum styles of Luke Wolff. The classically-trained violinist Vanity Welch adds a perfect unique touch to the band.

LaRissa Vienna and the Strange intend to inspire, influence fans to be creative and express themselves by leading by example.

LaRissa Vienna - Vocals
Nick Workman - Guitars
Aaron Mendoza - Bass
Vanity Welch - Violin
Luke Wolff - Drums

LaRissa Vienna And The Strange - Neptune VII (2017)

Track List:
01. Same Devil, Different Ways 03:27
02. Like A Child 03:32
03. Rewind 03:43
04. California Man 03:08
05. Craving Chaos 04:02
06. Haunted 03:33
07. Labyrinth 03:49
08. The Chemistry 04:49
09. Limes 04:52
10. Surrender 05:11

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