Lee Scratch Perry - Alive More Than Ever

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Lee Scratch Perry - Alive More Than Ever

Lee Scratch Perry - Alive More Than Ever (2006)
Reggae/Dub | MP3 VBR | 108 MB

"Alive, more than ever", born of the collaboration between Lee Perry and Dj Startek, leader of The White Belly Rats, celebrates Mr. Rainford Hugh Perry’s 70th birthday ! This album comes straight out from the desk, no remixing, no post-production, just an authentic Reggae-Dub performance, sincere and warm, LSP-WBR style. Even the tiny imperfections add to the whole, making you believe you’re really there in the public. (Damp Music)

01. Greetings
02. Fight To Te Finish
03. Secret Laboratory
04. Inspector Gadget
05. Rastafari
06. Panic In Babylon
07. Waap You Waa
08. Perry Ballad
09. I'm A Psychatrist
10. Voodoo
11. Roast Fish And Cornbread
12. Purity Rock
13. Chase The Devil
14. Baby Krishna
Total time: 79:41