Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters - Battle of Armagideon (Millionaire Liquidator)

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Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters - Battle of Armagideon (Millionaire Liquidator)

Lee ''Scratch'' Perry & The Upsetters - Battle of Armagideon | 1986
Genre: Reggae | 43:39 | mp3 @ 320 | covers | 106 MB

''Look and you will see, open your ears and listen,'' Perry advises on this excellent record,
and you would be foolish to ignore this advice.
Battle, in many ways, gets to the heart of Perry's technique as a mixer and producer.
The bass throbs so much on this record that you would swear it's leaking out of the grooves,
and Perry's added sound filigrees (echo, sheets of noise, explosive volume)
don't disrupt the music as much as add to the very psychedelic ambience.
The disc's most celebrated track is ''I'm a Madman,'' wherein Perry acknowledges his lunatic persona.
Also wonderful is the opening track, ''Introducing Myself,'' which functions as a surreal, partly fictional autobiography.
Close to spectacular, this is a great single slice of Perry mania.
(source - John Dougan)

01 Introducing Myself 4:19
02 Drum Song 4:42
03 Grooving 4:41
04 All Things Are Possible 2:33
05 Show Me That River 4:15
06 Time Marches On 0:49
07 I Am a Madman 5:49
08 The Joker 3:37
09 Happy Birthday 5:11
10 Sexy Lady 3:17
11 Time Marches On 4:21

The Upsetters:
Mark Downie: Rhythm Guitar and Synth
'Spike': Bass Guitar
'Peng': Drums
Tarlok Mann: Lead Guitar
Russ Cummings: Piano and Synth
Trevor Jones: Trombone
Lloyd Clarke: Alto Saxophone

'Scratch': Vocals, Percussion and Harmonica
(plus Piano and Guitar on 'The Joker')

Recorded and mixed at Thameside Studios, Rotherhithe, London, between November 1985 and March 1986

remember, ''All things are posssible'', enjoy!

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