Life! Beats - Celtic Mystique

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Life! Beats - Celtic Mystique

Life! Beats - Celtic Mystique
MP3 192kbps - 44kHz - 83MB | Genre: Celtic
Release Date: December 1, 1999 | Label: Metacom

1. MacIain Of Glencoe
2. The Heather, She Grows/Island Spinning Song
3. Danny Boy
4. Circle Of Stone
5. On Heaven's Shore
6. Ancient Souls
7. Oran Leannan Sithe
8. Homes Of Donegal
9. Prayer For St. Symin
10. Highlands
11. Loch Lomond
12. Bird Of Paradise

A remarkable showcase of acclaimed female vocalists whose styles range from silken to expressive. Lush, musical scores are interwoven with guitar, Celtic harp, and other traditional Celtic instruments to set the mood for an ultimate musical getaway.

Celtic Mystique is most especially valuable for its thrilling rendition of "The Homes of Donegal." If the listener has any Irish blood in him, or if his ethnic background formerly held traditions of friendship and hospitality, then the song will warm his heart–and then break it.
For that tradition is gone; we gave it up when we chose materialism, and today you can scarce find anyone who will give you the time of day for no charge. Even Donegal and surrounding environs has become commercialized, capitalising on the natural beauty of the Irish coast and on memories of the ancient traditions.
But, while it lasts, the music will put images in your head. Mother stirring a pot at the stove. Sister pouring your tea. Father hoisting a hoe over his shoulder, with a grin and a jest, heading off toward the garden. And all of them being as gracious to the guest as ever White people were.

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