Los Prisioneros - La voz de los 80 (1984)

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Los Prisioneros - La voz de los 80 (1984)

Los Prisioneros - La voz de los 80

Rock / Mp3 128 Kbps/ Fusion 1984 / 41 Mb

Los Prisioneros was a Rock en Español band from San Miguel, Chile formed in 1982. They began as a very influential local band during the early 1980s, once they signed to EMI in 1985, they reached mainstream success all over South America and Central America. They were known for their very outspoken lyrics about Chile's military dictatorship and social commentary in their lyrics. Besides their lyrics, their music was also known for being different from the popular artists of that time.

In 1984, the band's debut album was released, with the hit song "La Voz De Los '80" (which was never a single). They reached acclaim in the radio and by the next year they would be touring. In the Anthology DVD, Jorge explains how the recording of "La Voz De Los '80" went down and how he would always explain to the recording engineers to record the music in a different way than the way popular music was being recorded in that time, Carlos Fonseca was supporting them and worked hard to get the sound Los Prisioneros wanted to achieve.