Los Leones - Casa de Leones (2007)

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Los Leones - Casa de Leones (2007)

Los Leones - Casa de Leones (2007)
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Casa de Leones (English: "House of Lions"), also known as Los Leones, are a Puerto Rican reggaeton group.
The members of the group are Miguel A. De Jesús (Guelo Star), Jaime Borges and Héctor Padilla (J-King & Maximan), Randy Ortiz and Joel Muñoz (Jowell & Randy). All five members began their music career writing and producing for other artists, establishing them in the world of reggaeton and rap. In 2007, they joined forces and were taken on by the reggaeton producer of Black Lion Records, Elías De León.
Their first studio album was released in June 26, 2007, and their single hit song No Te Veo reached #4 in The Billboard Hot Latin Charts.

DISC 1 (Guelo Star, J King & Maximan)
01. Intro (Pa' Mi Ponce)
02. Esto Es Perreo
03. Potrona
04. Trambo
05. Dale Con Presion
06. Shorty
07. A Veces Pienso
08. Biggie Booty Lady
09. No Te Veo
10. Ponte Ahi
11. Listen To Me Baby
12. There's No Reason
13. Yo Se
14. Que Paso Yal

DISCO 2 (Jowell & Randy)
01. Sacala a Bailar
02. Dos Palgas
03. Soltura
04. Te Ando Buscando
05. Eh Oh Eh Oh
06. Que Te Vaya Bien
07. Velandote
08. Ese Amor