L.Subramaniam - Three Ragas for Solo Violin (1992)

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L.Subramaniam - Three Ragas for Solo Violin (1992)

L.Subramaniam - Three Ragas for Solo Violin (1992)
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1. Raga Sarasvatipriya
2. Raga Vasantapriya
3. Raga Sivapriya
Personnel: Dr. L. Subramaniam (violin); Narendra Kotiyan (tampura). Recorded at Wyastone Leys, Monmouth, England on June 17, 1991. Includes liner notes by Dr. John R. Marr.

Artist's Note :
Violin, South Indian Classical music. 'Offered in Homage to my father and Guru V. Lakshminarayana, 1911 - 1991'.

From the tender age of two, L. Subramaniam showed exceptional musical talent, repeating from memory at that tender age phrases sung by his Father, Professor V. Lakshminarayana Rao. He gave his solo violin concert at the age of six. It is clear that the sheer genius of Dr. Subramaniam heralds a new era not only in violin playing but in Karnatic Music as a whole. His style and invention, while innovative to a high degree, grow from the very earth of the Karnatic tradition, and are both deeply serious: where he draws upon his profound knowledge of Western classical music, for example, he does not produce a parody thereof, or a light medley, but a thorough assimilation into the very depths of South Indian tradition. Down the ages, this ability to assimilate has been one feature of the Indian artistic genius, of both the visual and the performing arts.

L.Subramaniam - Three Ragas for Solo Violin (1992)

You may know that L. Subramaniam is the brother of L. Shankar (violinist also).

From the Label (Nimbus Records)
Dr. Subramaniam is equally at home in the Western Classical tradition, in which he is well-know for his compositions for Zubin Mehta and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Kirov Ballet and L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, and in the South Indian Karnaric classical tradition. On his first recording for Nimbus he played the electric violin. Here he displays solo unaccompanied violin playing of a glittering beauty.

L.Subramaniam - Three Ragas for Solo Violin (1992)

From Amazon reviews:
This is one of the best CDs you can get on the Carnatic violin genere. The ragas are exquisite and Subramaniam's playing is sensitive and robust. I found the Ragam rendered beautifully.

One of the best albums featuring Carnatic music as defined and exposed by the Violin, of Dr L Subramaniam. The raga Vasantapriya ("Dear to Spring") is very close contextually to raga Vasantha ("Chettinadu Chinna Magane"). Beautifully rendered in brilliant style by the rebel, this is one of those CDs I'd never think about before recommending. Even a casual listener, one who may not have an iota of understanding of Music, per se, would be amazed by the depth, complexity, tonal beauty, language, and the dexterous handling of the difficult-to-master instrument of listening pleasure. That the raga Sarasvatipriya is not the same as raga Sarasvati, with a bit of modification in the Ragam Tanam Pallavi, as one goes through the entire stretch of the piece, would be obvious. But nobody minds - it's pure magic, performed by the best magician there is.


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