Madredeus - Existir + Os Dias da Madredeus

Posted By: amurok

Madredeus - Existir + Os Dias da Madredeus | 155 Mb

My first upload, be patient if I messed up:
2 Madredeus CD's, requested by jamesone a few days back.
Sorry for the delay, hope some of you might also enjoy it.
Covers included (front/back) for the two CD's, from some cover site. Ripped from CD Audio with EAC and encoded in VBR mp3 with lame.
Also used EAC to rename the mp3 files, so I won't put them here. Btw, portuguese language uses letters like á, ò, ã, so if you see some strange characters in the names, is because your OS has some problem with these.

DL the file below, it's a txt with the links to the RS-hosted files, they are passworded as well. Sorry for the smallish (30MB) files, I had to upload in dial-up and even so got 2 failed attempts, couldn't risk with bigger files.
I use this method to try to keep the links alive as much time as possible.
If anything went wrong, please post a message, i'll upload again if needed.

pw (with spaces):
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