Maria Tanase - Maria of The Songs - Best Romanian Folk Music Series

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Maria Tanase - Maria of The Songs

Best Romanian Folk Music Series

Accompanied by the Popular Orchestras of Victor Predescu and Nicusor Predescu.

Extract from notes:
'Maria Tanase was the one who universalized the Romanian folk song, in a yet unparalleled way. Her fame went beyond national boundaries along with the songs she gave life to.

Maria was no researcher in the strict technical sense of the word. She picked folklore only to share it with her countless fans, ardent lovers of the folk song. “Collected from the people, shared with the people” as Anton Pann used to say one century and a half ago.

Were it not for her efforts, many jewels of the Romanian folk treasure would be lost in some God forgotten corner of the country. At present, one could not say when, where and from whom she got her songs. A large part of her repertoire consisted of songs she learnt from the recordings on phonograph cylinders or gramophone discs of the Folk lore Archives of the Romanian Composers Society established in 1928 by the famous ethnomusicologist Constantin Brailoiu. She was much helped and guided by folklorist Harry Brauner, an
old contributor to the archives and a good friend of the artist. But many of the songs she picked while traveling through the country.

So she came to posses a folkloric wealth consisting of about four hundred pieces of different musical genres from all parts of the country. The brochure Cantecele mele (My songs) — Bucharest 1963, consists of twenty such songs, the musical transcription of which was made by composer Nicolae Coman.

Maria did not fully or mechanically reproduced those songs. She did not interpret a doina from Bukovina exactly as they do it there or a humorous satirical extempore verse (as chanted during a folk dance specific to the northern part of the country, Oas) exactly as in Oas, but in her charming way of interpretation, bearing the mark of her strong and noble nature.

On the other hand, at the beginning of her career, she usually tried to reproduce the songs she acquired as truly as possible. Once artistically matured, she would creatively process folk melody and verse, filtering everything through her particular sensibility and artistic taste. “Who pitches the Romanian tone, style and song the way the subtle Maria Tanase does? The devil. And not even him!” — wrote Tudor Arghezi about our great artist who, in his opinion, "created the Romanian folklore anew".
Maria’s peerless manner of interpretation and charming voice, which was dramatic, exuberant but always personal; her mastery of each modulation of the soul from gladness to tragedy ensures that Maria represents not only folk-song in all its complexity, but also the very essence of the Romanian soul....'

Tiberiu Aiexandru

Maria Tanase

'Volume 1' - Song Titles

1. Dragi mi-s cântecele mele
2. Asearã ti-am luat basma
3. Lung îi drumul Gorjului
4. Pe vale, tato, pe vale
5. Bun îi vinul ghiurghiuliu
6. Asearã vântul bãtea
7. Ciuleandra
8. Mãrie si Mãrioarã
9. Hai, iu, iu
10. Trenule, masinã micã
11. Bãtrânete, haine grele
12. Butelcuta mea
13. Mi-am pus busuioc în pãr
14. Mãrioarã
15. Colo-n vale-n grãdinitã
16. Pe deal pe la Cornãtel
17. Cântec din Oas
18. Iac-asa
19. Cine Iubeste si Lasa
20. Uhai, bade
21. Doina din Dolj
22. Doda, doda
23. Toderel
24. Ma Dusei sa trec lo Olt

Duration (76'50")

'Volume 2' - Song Titles

1. Am iubit si-am sa iubesc (2'30!)
2. Lume, lume (4'29")
3. Trei focuri arde pe lume (4'30")
4. Un tigan avea o casa (3'51")
5. Agurida (4'24")
6. Lunca, lunca (3'23")
7. Cate mute, cate slute (3'13")
8. Doina din Maramures (4'00")
9. Mai Gheorghita, und-te duci? (3'08")
10. Maria neichii, Marie (5'16")
11. Uite dealul, uite via (2'55")
12. Se teme lon ca moare (3'13")
13. Cat ii Maramuresul (4'03")
14. As ofta sa-mi iasa focul (3'03")
15. Asta iarna era iarna (3'13")
16. Nici acela nu-i fecior (2'48")
17. Tulnicul (2'35")
18. Tataise si-o cumnata (3'07")
19. Eu pe bade-am intrebat (2'26")
20. Frica mi-e ca mor ca maine (4'07")

Duration (69'09")

'Volume 3' - Song Titles

1. Cine iubeste si lasa - He Who Loves And Lets Go
2. Uhai, bade! - Hey Lover Of Mine
3. Cine m-aude cantand - Who Hears Me Singing
4. Asta noapte te-am visat - Last Night I Dreamt Of You
5. Paraus, apa vioara - Brook With Singing Waters
6. Bade, din dragostea noastra - From Our Love, My Swain
7. Maine toti recrutii pleaca - All The Recruits Leave Tomorrow
8. Iac-asa! - Just For Fun
9. Hai, maica, la iarmaroc! - Lets Go To The Fair, Ma
10. Foaie verde maracine - Thorns
11. Cantec de leagan - Lullaby
12. Zise muma catre mine - Said Ma To Me
13. Pana cand nu te iubeam - I Loved You
14. Nu vine mandru, nu vine - My Loves Not Coming, He isn't
15. Pe ulita, mai colea - In The Street Not Far Away
16. Valeleu! - My, Oh My!
17. Rau ma doare inima - My Heart Hurts Bad
18. Cand toca la Radu-Voda - In Prince Radu's Time

Duration (66'09")

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