Mariza "Transparente" 2005

Posted By: asya

Artist: Mariza
Album: Transparente
Date: August 9, 2005
Genre: World music
Bitrate: 192-224?kbps
Recorded in Brazil with the musician and producer Jaques Morelenbaum, its subtle orchestrations create a breathtaking sound palette over which Mariza’s stunning voice weaves and casts its spell. (Morelenbaum is a byword in the world of music, having produced the albums ‘Livro’ by Caetano Veloso, the winner of the 1999 Grammy Award for Best World Music Album, and ‘Antуnio Brasileiro’ by Tom Jobim.) The insight and restraint of the production and the playing of the accompanying musicians enhances and deepens the fado experience, bringing new sonic surprises to the fado tradition rather than transplanting the singer into other musical forms.

1. Ha uma musica do Povo (There's A Song of the People)
2. Meu Fado Meu (My Own Fado)
3. Recusa (Refusal)
4. Quando me sinto so (When I Feel Alone)
5. Montras (Shop Windows)
6. Ha palavras que nos beijam (There Are Words That Kiss Us)
7. Transparente (Transparent)
8. Fado Portugues de nos (Our Own Portuguese Fado)
9. Malmequer (Loves Me, Loves Me Not)
10. Medo (Fear)
11. Toada do desengano (Song of Disillusion)
12. Fado Tordo
13. Duas Lagrimas de Orvalho (Two Drops of Dew)
14. Desejos vaos (Vain Desires)