Mars Lasar - When Worlds Collide (11.03) [2000]

Posted By: chiphu

Mars Lasar - When Worlds Collide (11.03)
2000 | New Age | Ripped VBR-MP3 | 79MB | HTTP Download

World vocals fused with soaring backing vocals and synth sweeps. Midnight Mirrors has a some cool jungle loops and darts from one place to the next. A nice technology fusion with hints of world beat/electronica, and funk. Searchin' for Love is a good example of this as it's undeniable beat pushes through the foreground and vocal scats dominate the choruses while nifty funk guitar positions itself throughout.

In case you were wondering about my cover painting, it's a hand reaching for the keyboard. You can see the image of the creator in the center and the hand energized and ready for the next move. How does the keyboard feel during creation? this is my interpretation. A perfect example of "When Worlds Collide".

1. Children Of The New Age
2. Kingdom
3. Transfusion
4. Unforgotten
5. Grace
6. Searchin' For Love
7. Keep Faith
8. Vast Fields Of The Mind
9. Let's Get It Together
10. Midnight Mirrors
11. Amy's Lullaby V
12. Reach

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