Mauro Ciccozzi - Cosmic Mass (2019)

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Mauro Ciccozzi - Cosmic Mass (2019)

Mauro Ciccozzi - Cosmic Mass (2019)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 256.65 Mb | 43:06 | Cover
Nu Jazz, Fusion | Country: Italy | Label: Kyosaku Records

"Doing and being" than "appearing". Starting in the 80’s as recording room arranger and a sought-after session musician.. One of the first to use the guitar synthesizer , playing guitars almost always very personalized or unique. Although he never wanted to give much prominence, he boasts friendships and collaborations among some of the major artists.Here's most recent productions as a soloist.

Track List:
1. Tranceunderground (Metro'). 5:08
2. Question (Part1+Part2). 6:32
3. East & West. 4:52
4. Blue Chair. 3:52
5. Jungle (intro). 2:28
6. Y Vamos. 4:28
7. Desire. 8:42
8. Cosmic Mass. 7:02

- Mauro Ciccozzi / acoustic, electric and MIDI guitars, computers programming, sound engineering and cosmic doors.

All songs written arranged and performed by Mauro Ciccozzi
Recorded Produced and Mixed at Timeless Studios 2 by Mauro Ciccozzi
Mastering and Supervising by Frank Minoia at Kyosaku Records Studios




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FILE: 06. Cosmic Mass.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: D7DC7E3820AB32FEA32349511583D0161F5C70BD
FILE: 07. Desire.flac
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Signature: 274972EED3033B5218EFA6702ED7000BC5CE618B
FILE: 08. Y Vamos.flac
Size: 34577660 Hash: 6B02FCC1C2675EF08752CEA7B6A6EF2C Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: FBB364DCCD0273ABFEA27A09A8C752DB967F00C0

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