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Nigel Kennedy and the Kroke Band "East Meets East"

Posted By: dwollner

East meet Easts is a 14 pieces filled album that is overwhelming about 65 minutes at all.
Eastern Folkmusic meets an incredible strings section and sometimes vocals that I like and that I don't (!!!!) like.
Kroke, the incredible Trio from Krakow, Poland is working together with Kennedy in the whole Eeast European music history and they give their chosen music a modern touch with sometimes jazzy influences I like and a really cool picked in e-violin. The album is almost very danceable and that is quite lovely. I like those tunes.
1.) Ajde Jano ... is the first track it has a really danceable lovely rhythm. I remember that tune cuz I heard it as opening track at Krokes solo tour this year in February in Germany. I absolutely don't know the vocals. I dunno why. I think after listening to it for even more times I will got to love it. I see small kids dancing at bloomy fields when I am listening to that tunes.
2.) Lullaby for Kamila ... is a melancholy tune. I really love it. I love all tragical melancholy sounds. They make me smile and the simple *mmmh mmmmmh* backup vocals are breathtaking for me.
3.) T 4.2 (hint:Tea for two) is just cool ... I heard it for the first time at the Berlin Museumsinsel Gig last year in Berlin. ... And well I was dancing on my chair ... ... (the rough mix of that piece is at "Ten pieces to save the world" without Kennedys e-violin ---> he goes crazy ... *yummy*)
4.) Eden ... is a track that is on "Ten Pieces to save the world" by Kroke as well without Kennedys e-violin and that was my favourite one of their album. It is a good way straight to Eden. That is honey for ears ( ... with feet ) FOLKY ROCK'N'ROLL, Yeah!)
5.) Dafino ... mmmmh ... that is "stolen" at one Slawish wedding party ... maybe ... ... It sounds really lovely ... I see the happy people taking each other by their hands ...
6.) Jovano Jovanke ... that is music for taking a trip on a long lonesome bad road with a even more bad car and someone in the back is telling you stories of the region where you are right now. It can be that you are on the road with horses as well but it is definitely a traditional Roadmovie soundtrack ... ... or it is the last song at one very long party ... you know when the sun is almost coming again in the morning. Everyone seems to be tired but none will stop. Just lovely. And when the sun is up. The band at the party will find new energy and kicks all their energy in the last tunes.
7.) Ederlezi ... that is originally by Goran Bregovic ... I love this interpretation ...
8.) Kasimierz ... He is Jewish and he is telling us a story ... it isn't a sad story ... it is one with happy end ... it is maybe a story about a love ... .. who cares. It is lovely.
9.) One voice ... someone is telling a sad story ... definitely ... it is without happy end. That was my first impression. That's it. I love Kennedys violinpart.
10.) Tribute to Maria Tanase ... was a Romanian singer ... she was known as East European Edith Piaf. I got some tunes of her at one Vinyl LP. She is incredible.
... well and she is dead and these tunes are for her. A better tribute cannot exist.
11.) Time 4 Time ... that is a joke with time ... and with rhythm and with folky tunes. I really love it.
12.) Vino ... means Wine ... so it is clear it can be just a drunken song ... ... it shows me how my brain looks like in delirium. ... everything isn't that clear I want to see.
13.) Lost in Time ... is just and simply wonderful.
14.) Kukush ... is my favourite track ... that is Hardcore Party. I love those tracks I love those music. I know such similar tracks from my trips I have done already to Romania. And I want to dance of course. It is my favourite, definitely before Eden!

1. Ajde Jano
2. Lullaby For Kamilla
3. T 4.2
4. Eden
5. Dafino
6. Jovano Jovanke
7. Ederlezi
8. Kazimierz
9. One Voice
10. Tribute To Maria Tanase
11. Time 4 Time
12. Vino
13. Lost In Time
14. Kukush