Al di Meola - Soaring Through a Dream

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Al di Meola - Soaring Through a Dream

Al di Meola - Soaring Through a Dream
Mp3 - 256Kbs | 87 MB | Genre: Jazz Fusion
Release Date: 1985 | Label: EMI

This recently reissued 1985 date has plenty of electric bombast, along with ample examples of DiMeola's piercing acoustic style. What it lacks is the energy and creative integrity that underscores DiMeola's World Sinfonia sessions and his classic Splendido Hotel. There are some pretty melodies, an entrancing moment or two, and too many interludes where it seems that something is about to happen, but things cool down or degenerate into blandness. The longer compositions drone on without establishing anything substantial, while the short pieces fade in and out, offering bits and pieces of fine playing, but nothing thematically distinguished. When the CD ends, you realize that DiMeola is an excellent technician, but nothing left any lasting impression.

1 - Capoeira
2 - Traces (Of a Tear)
3 - Broken Heart
4 - July
5 - Marina
6 - Soaring Through a Dream