Mew - Frengers (2003)

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Mew - Frengers (2003)

Mew - Frengers (2003)
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International pressing of the indie Danish band's debut album. Ten tracks including, 'Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years' (duet with Stina Nordenstam). 'Like the Flaming Lips on valium or Doves without the hang-ups' - The Fly. 'Frengers is a work of quiet brilliance, aiming for the epic without straying into the bombastic, offering cerebral arrangements while keeping things accessible. A winner'. - Bang. Sony. 2003.

Track Listings:
1. Am I Wry? No
2. 156
3. Snow Brigade
4. Symmetry
5. Behind the Drapes
6. Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years
7. Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
8. She Came Home for Christmas
9. Shespider
10. Comforting Sounds