Miles Davis - Agharta (1975) (2CD)

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Miles Davis - Agharta (1975) (2CD)
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Columbia | Jazz / Fusion

Ranked #3 in Mojo's "The 50 Most Out There Albums Of All Time" - "Uncompromising jazz/rock/funk thing, knocked out in an afternoon."[/cen

Often derided or misunderstood during the time of their original release, Miles Davis' numerous releases following BITCHES BREW are now recognized for their startlingly unconventional beauty. Drawing on rock and funk, Miles unflinchingly followed his muse into the subtle dynamics to be found in hypnotically relentless repetition overlaid with fiery soloing. This hundred-minute, two-disc set was recorded live in Japan in 1975 and finds Miles trading solos with saxophonist Sonny Fortune over an undulating rhythm thicket of two guitars, electric bass, drums and conga/percussion. Miles punctuates the proceedings and takes the ensemble on abrupt turns in the road with organ stabs and swells. Not for the faint of heart, this is as bracing and dazzling as waves breaking over a spit of shoreline, or fireworks exploding on all sides of you at once. ©cduniverse

Song Title
2.Theme From Jack Johnson