Mohamed Naiem: Master of the Arabian Flute (2004)

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Mohamed Naiem: Master of the Arabian Flute (2004)

Hossam Ramzy Presents
Mohamed Naiem
Master of the Arabian Flute
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Track Listings
1. Hams (Whsipers)
2. El-Fagr (Dawn)
3. Dam-A Men Oyoun Sood (Teardrop from Black Eyes)
4. Monagah (Prayer)
5. Raqs el Khayyalah (Dancing of the Horses)
6. Farah (Happiness and Celebration)
7. Fantasia
8. Al-Reda Wal Noor (Accepting the Light)

Amazon Review
Gosh, this sounds just like the wind coming off the desert. The low, undulating sound of the Arabian flute is not your everyday woodwind. This CD is so good, it should become a New Age popular standard. I'm not kidding–this is some wonderful stuff here.

The first cut is called "Whispers" ("Hams") and is slow, low and soft, though not as soft as to be inaudible. It's like a thought meandering through your head–or a dream of a visit to the Middle East. "Dam-A Men Oyoun Sood" ("Teardrops from Black Eyes") is higher pitched, feminine but not maudlin–you can imagine the slow drip of tears from eyes behind a veil. "Raqs el-Kahyyalah" is "Dancing of Horses" –a great slow dance or movement tune. Next to "Hams", "Monagah" or "Prayers" is my favorite on the album–this is a very low-toned slow and meditative piece.

If you are a massage therapist, operator of a spa, or if you do yoga, dance or exercise that requires moody music with a slower pace, I STRONGLY recommend this CD to add to your playlist. It's of the New-Age mold but not cliche in the least, giving this CD a unique yet contemporary sound that I found hypnotic and utterly delightful.



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