Moby «Early Underground»

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Moby «Early Underground» 1993

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Что-то я давненько не постил... :) Продолжаю Moby.

Первый тут: Moby "Holel" (2005) - 2 CD
Второй тут: Moby "Moby" (1992)
Третий: Moby "Ambient" (1993)

Сегодня третий альбом.

Twin Peaks was one of the most brilliant and innovative shows in the history of television. David Lynch developed a television program that still stands out as an example of supreme creativity within a genre. Perhaps this is what attracted a man who could be regarded as Lynch's doppelganger in the dance-music world, Moby, to Lynch's work. Or perhaps Angelo Badalamenti's evocative theme music may have struck a chord in the Mozart of techno. The fruit of the collaboration is a single track on EARLY UNDERGROUND, "Go." It's a superb melding of Moby's propulsive beats with Badalamenti's music that works far beyond the sum of its parts. While the rest of EARLY UNDERGROUND is not quite as inspired (and how could it be?), at least it shows the direction that Moby was starting to move in. "Rock the House" delivers on its title and "Party Time" evokes an imagined meeting of James Brown and Kraftwerk at an Autobahn rest stop. EARLY UNDERGROUND is tons of fun, and not for just "Go" alone.

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Tracks 1..4 | 24.9 Mb
1. Besame
2. Rock The House
3. Move The Colors
4. UHF 3

Tracks 5..7 | 22.9 Mb
5. Party Time
6. Protect Write
7. Go (Original Version)

Tracks 8..11 | 25.2 Mb
8. Permanent Green
9. Voodoo Child
10. Drug Fits The Face
11. Time Signature

Tracks 12..14 | 24.3 Mb
12. Peace Head
13. Barracuda
14. Mobility

Track 15 | 5.4 Mb
15. M - Four