Montt Mardie - We Are All The Pirate Bay +Remix Kit (2009)

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Montt Mardie - We Are All The Pirate Bay +Remix Kit (2009)

Montt Mardie - We Are All The Pirate Bay [+Remix Kit] (2009)
Rock| 2009 | 320 kb/s | 19MB

Montt Mardié (born David Olof Peter Pagmar on September 16, 1983) is a Swedish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. As of May 2009, Montt Mardié has released three full length albums as well as various singles on the Swedish record label Hybris. He signed to the Taiwanese label Silent Agreement, as well as the UK label Ruffa Lane in 2007. May 2009 saw the release of his first UK release, Introducing…the Best Of. His first released studio album was Drama in 2005.
News about Pirate Bay is big in the states. Imagine what it must be like to live in Sweden where there’s even talk of Pirate Bay political party. So if anything Montt Mardie’s ever done has a chance to go viral it’s this song - the new theme for Pirate Bay which is prominently placed on the home page.
The song/video “We’re All The Pirate Bay” is simple like any good theme song. But it’s also simple for a reason - Montt Mardie is encouraging the people of the world to remix/redo the video/song to prove a point about file sharing and Pirate Bay in particular. No matter what you think about file sharing and the Pirate Bay, for a certain type and caliber of artist these services are hugely effective in getting their music to the masses. Lots more info here.