Monty Norman - Dr.No OST

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Monty Norman - Dr.No OST

Monty Norman - Dr.No OST
MP3 160 Kbps | 1962/2003 | Label: Capitol | 39:49 min | 45 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

The James Bond spy saga is the world's longest running film cycle, and among its most financially successful. But this soundtrack for the series' 1962 debut is easily the least typical of what became a rich, evocative musical tradition. Though anchored by composer Monty Norman's iconic, twang-guitar powered "James Bond Theme," the bulk of the composer's music is anglicized calypso that echoes the film's Jamaican setting, such as the reworking of "Three Blind Mice" Norman dubbed "Kingston Calypso" and other playful kitsch like "Under the Mango Tree." But the presence of John Barry as arranger on "The James Bond Theme" (performed by the composer's jazzy John Barry Seven ensemble) is a crucial musical portent of what was to come: the latter composer would soon give the series much of its trademark elegance and intrigue via his series of later Bond scores. This new edition has been digitally remastered.

1. James Bond Theme
2. Kingston Calypso
3. Jamaican Rock
4. Jump Up
5. Audio Bongo
6. Under The Mango Tree
7. Twisting With James
8. Jamaica Jazz
9. Under The Mango Tree
10. Jump Up
11. Dr. No's Fantasy
12. Kingston Calypso
13. The Island Speaks
14. Under The Mango Tree
15. The Boy's Chase
16. Dr. No's Theme
17. James Bond Theme
18. Love At Last

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I have all the James Bond OSTs, I'll keep uploading them if there's interest :)