Moody Blues - Caught Live +5 (1977, Live)

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Moody Blues - 1977-Caught Live +5 (Live)
Moody Blues - Caught Live +5 (1977, Live)

In 1977, as the Moody Blues were coming to the end of their six-year sabbatical from recording, they released "Caught Live + 5," a double-album that featured three sides of a live concert recorded at the Royal Albert Hall on December 12, 1969, and one side of 5 rare studio tracks. Very similar in format to the 1982 double-album by Genesis, "Three Sides Live," but "Caught Live + 5" proves that the Moody Blues got to this concept first. The live concert recording–-the only live Moodies release featuring original keyboardist Mike Pinder–-is excellent, with the Moodies giving some of the tunes a refreshing, rough-and-tough live treatment, especially "Gypsy," "Peak Hour," and "Ride My See-Saw." The live portion of the album shows what a tight band the Moodies are, as they also give tremendous performances of other favorites like "Dr. Livingston I Presume," "Tuesday Afternoon," "Nights In White Satin," "Legend Of A Mind," and the progressive-rock suite of "Have You Heard" & "The Voyage." For those of us who never got to see the classic Moodies line-up live, the "Caught Live" portion of the album is definitely the next best thing. As for the five studio songs, they're all quite good. John Lodge's "Gimme A Little Somethin'" is a nice number, and Mike Pinder's "Please Think About It" is a fine, slow-but-steady piano shuffler. But it is Justin Hayward who shines the brightest with his trio of compositions. "Long Summer Days" is a marvelous light-hearted song, and "King And Queen" and "What Am I Doing Here?" are both wonderful, dramatic, haunting Moody Blues songs.With the long-awaited, brand-new Moody Blues studio album "Octave" still a year away, the Moodies sent their fans a very generous postcard with "Caught Live + 5," a most-appreciated combo platter of vintage live and studio material. For the diehard Moody Blues fan, this album is a must-have.

The sound quality is poor and no one went back to redigitize this. It is a shame. The 5 great things about this album are the five studio songs at the end. They are classic late sixties Moodies songs and make up for the live recording. This was a clever move on the marketers part, who were given less than enough material for four sides of the original double album (yes, this is a single CD). They added these last five songs to further the purchase appeal. It worked.

Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-01-Gypsy.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-02-The sunset.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-03-Dr. Livingstone, I presume.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-04-Never comes the day.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-05-Peak hour.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-06-Tuesday afternoon.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-07-Are you sitting comfortably-.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-08-The dream.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-09-Have you heard- Part 1.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-10-The voyage.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-11-Have you heard- Part 2.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-12-Nights in white satin.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-13-Legend of a mind.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-14-Ride my see-saw.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-15-Gimme a little somethin'.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-16-Please think about it.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-17-Long summer days.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-18-King and queen.mp3
Moody Blues-Caught Live +5-19-What am I doing here.mp3

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