Morte Macabre - Symphonic Holocaust

Posted By: bebe56
Famous horror movies soundtracks revisited by a progressive swedish band including members of Landberk and Anekdoten and 4 Mellotrons…

MORTE MACABRE is both a unique and fiendish project, consisting in revisiting the musical themes of the greatest horror movies ("Rosemary's Baby", "Beyond The Darkness", "City Of The Living Dead", "The Beyond"…) in the Scandinavian School's style. A wise choice, as the melancholic and oppressive sound of King Mellotron, combined with Robert FRIPP-like guitar riffs, conveys brilliantly the darkness, the tension and the anxiety developed by the classics of the genre. Behind the controls, old acquaintances such as guitarist Nicklas BERG and drummer Peter NORDINS (ANEKDOTEN), here associated with keyboards player Reine FISKE and bass player Stefan DIMLE (LANDBERK), are back. Both released by Musea and the well-named Mellotronen label, "Symphonic Holocaust" (1998) is worth as much for its quality and originality as for its rarity. The splendid sleeve suits quite well the music provided: dark and beautiful ! You shouldn't miss the eighth track, which is an unreleased suite that nearly lasts 18 minutes, and that should remain the only original composition ever written by MORTE MACABRE. By pleasure or fright, each note will make you shiver !