Sylvester Stallone ... Rocky Anthology ... A Tribute (AIO)

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Includes: Original Sound Tracks, Traillers & Flash animation
Music by: Bill Conti & Vince DiCola

Rocky I:

01- Gonna Fly Now - Theme (Bill Conti)
02- Philadelphia Morning (Bill Conti)
03- Going The Distance (Bill Conti)
04- Reflections (Bill Conti)
05- Marine's Hymm - Yankee Doodle (Bill Conti)
06- Take You Back (Valentine)
07- First Date (Bill Conti)
08- You Take My Heart Away (DeEtta Little & Nelson Pigford)
09- Fanfare For Rocky (Bill Conti)
10- Butkus (Bill Conti)
11- Alone In The Ring (Bill Conti)
12- The Final Bell (Bill Conti)
13- Rocky's Reward (Bill Conti)

Rocky II:

01- Redemption - Theme (Bill Conti)
02- Gonna Fly Now (Bill Conti)
03- Conquest (Bill Conti)
04- Vigil (Bill Conti)
05- All Of My Life (DeEtta Little & Nelson Pigford)
06- Overture (Bill Conti)
07- Two Kinds Of Love (Bill Conti)
08- All Of My Life - Instrumental (Bill Conti)

Rocky III:

01- Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor)
02- Take You Back - Tough Gym (Frank Stallone)
03- Pushin' (Frank Stallone with Ray Pizzi & Jerry Hey)
04- Reflections (Bill Conti)
05- Mickey (Vincent DeRosa & Mike Lang)
06- Take You Back (Frank Stallone)
07- Decision (Vincent DeRosa)
08- Gonna Fly Now (DeEtta Little & Nelson Pigford)
09- Adrian (Bill Conti)
10- Conquest (Bill Conti)

Rocky IV:

01- Burning Heart (Survivor)
02- Heart's On Fire (John Cafferty)
03- Double Or Nothing (Kenny Loggins & Glady Knight)
04- Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor)
05- War (Vince Dicola)
06- Living In America (James Brown)
07- No Easy Way Out (Robert Tepper)
08- One Way Street (Go West)
09- The Sweetest Victory (Touch)
10- Training Montage (Vince Dicola)

Rocky V:

01- That's What I Said (M.C. Hammer)
02- All You Gotta Do Is Sing (Joey B. Ellis)
03- No Competition (MC Tab)
04- Go For It! - Heart And Fire (Tynetta Hare)
05- Take You Back - Home Sweet Home (The 7A3)
06- The Measure Of A Man (Elton John)
07- Can't Stop The Fire (Bill Conti)
08- I Wanna Rock (Rob Base)
09- I Thought You Were The One For Me (Joey B. Ellis)
10- Keep It Up (Snap)
11- Feel My Power (M.C. Hammer)


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