Mummer - SoulOrganismState - 2006

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Mummer - SoulOrganismState - 2006

MUMMER - SoulOrganismState
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Genre: Electronic / nujazz / headz / groove | rapidshare

Mummer's downtempo, moderately eclectic, semi-minimalist music is sooo groovy and catchy and, paradoxically, lush, that you can't help but get into that groove. This batch of tracks that utilizes traditional music forms revamped with modern electronic sensibilities spans such stylings as jazz, blues, funk and more. Sultry and sexy and emotive, a combination of male and female vocals and spartan but quite effective beats and textures reel the listener in right from the start. Smoky grooves and steamy atmosphere work like an audio massage for the stressed music fan as he or she kicks back and lets the mood permeate his sphere. From romantic jazz excursions to melancholic blues, Mummer exercises its talent with quiet confidence. The end result speaks for itself. – review by Kristofer Upjohn

01 Willoweep
02 I Spy
03 Every Little Thing I Know
04 Baby, Dont You Go
05 Final Conclusion
06 Inside My Shell
07 Hey, You Did
08 When I Go Home
09 Love To Be
10 Seven Doctors
11 Walk
12 Every Bird is Wishing