Haj Ghorban Soleimani - Music of the Bards from Iran (1995)

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Haj Ghorban Soleimani - Music of the Bards from Iran (1995)

Haj Ghorban Soleimani : Music of the Bards from Iran (1995)
Iranian Folk Music of Northern Khorasan (Ghouchan)
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Ostad Soleimani is a father figure to many of the musicians of Iran. Many believe that he is one of the most important artists in Iran. He is a bakhshi from Khorasan and he lives as a farmer in a small village close to Ghouchan. This recording was made by a group of engineers and musicians at his home using the state of the art digital multitrack recorders. You can expect something very new from this compact disk. The tradition of this music goes back a few thousand years, however, unlike many other traditional music, it is played with an amazing ferocity and yet the expressions are very refined. The music demands your attention which we hope will be rewarded by very subtle and profound emotions.

01. Geraili
02. Jabbar
03. Gharache Bayer
04. Tajinis
05. Zaranji Hossein Yar
06. Allah Mazar
07. Zolfaghari
08. Shah Khatai
09. Jafar-Gholi
10. Bash Nader Yoli
11. Doshorme Nadar Yoli
12. BAsh Hossein yar
13. Armana Sosi, Dorna

Haj Ghorban Soleimani - Music of the Bards from Iran (1995)

"… A True National Treasure …."

"He gracefully took his dotar and started playing. And it was a miracle."

"His Virtuosity and musicality are as natural as they are incredible."
Le Nouvel Observateur

"… one of the world's great traditional musicians…"
Todd Michel McComb

Haj Ghorban Soleimani - Music of the Bards from Iran (1995)

How awsome is it that an unknown village dotar (two-string instrument) player and singer finds himself featured on and a guy from california writes him a review? It's pretty awsome. To find out what makes Ostad Soleimani leap from a village to the world stage (let's not forget his sold-out concert in Paris!), you should listen to his mastery of the dotar and his mesmerising, heart-felt, voice. Ahhhh…. just gotta love it!! He sings with such passion… almost running out of breath at the end of some of his chants… as if pleading with his last might to his lover. We see what "passionate" singing and artistary mean! Be one of the few (yes the few, the proud…) to own this jem and know of this national treasure.
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All theses and more information about Dotar aviable in a nice CHM I compiled specially for you (includede in the rared files).

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