Native Flute Ensemble «Riding Thunder» (1994)

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Native Flute Ensemble «Riding Thunder» (1994)
Стиль: Native American Folk

«Riding Thunder» is a series of compositions inspired by the legends and history of North America's wild horses. Featuring the Native American flute, as well as ceremonial percussion, synthesizers and nature sounds, «Riding Thunder» traces the migration and lore of the horse via a series of sonic pictures. The listener follows the horses as they make their first appearance in North America... escaping from shipwrecked Spanish galleons. The story continues as the horses move on to the Texas coast and then migrate, ultimately, to the massive buffalo hunts on the Great Plains.

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Tracks 1 - 3 | 22.2 Mb (1. Creatures Of Prophecy; 2. Mustang Island; 3. Buffalo Soldiers)
Tracks 4 - 6 | 21.2 Mb (4. Spirit Riders' Journey; 5. Riding With Thunder; 6. Carrying Magic Bundles)
Tracks 7 - 8 | 15.1 Mb (7. Moonlit Stallions; 8. Releasing Buffalo Spirits)